LAMBERTS, MD: “Most of the care you’re receiving isn’t patient-centered. Here’s why …”

A perfectly laid out critique of what is wrong with medical services/care today and the road map to correcting it. As I read this, I became even more convinced than before that most of the “sucky” care ultimately stems from our dysfunctional payment system with all its economic perversions combined with misapplying or over-applying protocol-based treatments.

Concierge Medicine Today

By Rob Lamberts, MD | Physician | DPC Journal/CMT Contributor -- By Rob Lamberts, MD | Physician | DPC Journal/CMT Contributor —

My last post discussed the wide gulf between health care and the rest of the world in the area of customer service.  To sum up what took over 1,000 words to express: Customer service in health care totally sucks because the system promotes that suckiness and does nothing to penalize docs who make people wait, ignore what they say, rush through visits, and over-charge for their care.  We get what we pay for.

But shouldn’t we judge the system for what it was build for: the quality of the care we give?  Sure, the service is overwhelmed with serious suckitude, but that can be forgiven if we give good quality care for people, right?

Even if that was the case, there is no excuse for the lousy service…

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